Tip 1: Organize coupons: Put into categories i.e. baking, condiments, dairy

Tip 2: Choose categories that are similar to the supermarket aisles

Tip 3: Check expiration dates: Place earliest date at the front of each category

Tip 4: Use a 3x8" file folder to categorize coupons, complete with a scissors

Tip 5: Alphabetize coupon categories for ease of filing and retrieval

Tip 6: Check weekly inserts, home mailers, magazine for coupons

Tip 7: Share coupons with friends

Tip 8: Organize a coupon bank at work, the local library or at your bowling game (be creative)

Tip 9: Check online for printable coupons

Tip 10: Printable coupons are available at many manufacturers websites, check often

Tip 11: Gather store flyers to check for weekly sales (usually Sundays)

Tip 12: Compare store flyers, which store is best for you this week

Tip 13: Check for double coupon days and stores

Tip 14: Sign up for Supermarket loyalty cards

Tip15: Combine coupons with store sales

Tip 16: Buy sale and coupon items in bulk

Tip 17: Stock up on sale, non-perishable items, always using a coupon

Tip 18: Get the coupons you need from Selectcouponprogram.com

Tip 19: Never buy a product just because you have a coupon

Tip 20: Plan menus around store sales, especially meat items

Tip 21: Buy the larger packages of sale meats and break them down into smaller meal sizes ones

Tip 22: Buy brand names, using coupons and the store sale, always cheaper then generics

Tip 23: Purchase smaller packages with coupons, they are often nearly free

Tip 24: Look for travel size items in discount drug chains, use a coupon, they're almost free

Tip 25: Check for Specially Marked Packages (SMP) in Supermarkets; you can often get extra product or a freebie attached