Brand Flexibility vs. Brand Loyalty

(March 29, 2011)
Brand Loyalty and Brand Flexibility fall into a grey category. There are some very specific answers and Iíd like to review it all here with you.

Brand Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of super saving. The average supermarket has over 50,000 different products. Just take a look at detergents; there are at least 25 different brands. Almost all of the brands are heavily couponed and featured on sale.

In any given week, at least one brand is advertised and offered a matching coupon either online or in the paper. I received three coupon flyers this week and 3 Gain coupons. Gain Detergent on sale for $2.99, $1.99 with my coupon.

Next week the sale might be for Era or Wisk or Fab. Iíll buy any of the sale brands if the deal is good enough. (I never like paying more than $1.99 for the 50oz. size). Brand flexibility rules this category for me.

Cereals are the same except that the selection probably tops 150 different varieties. My family is not too fussy with cereal. We do love Honey Nut Cheerios, but Iíll buy any number of Post, Kelloggs and General Mills selections. Once again a good sale and a corresponding coupon will determine my purchase.

For example, Kelloggs was on sale 4/$6. Deduct $4 in coupons, that brings my final cost to $.50/box or $2 in total. A savings of about 90%. While this is an extreme example, it sure is fun. Trying a new cereal or product can be an adventure too.

But when it comes to peanut butter, Skippy Chunky is a favorite here. I almost never buy another brand, but Iíll wait until the Skippy is on sale 3/$5.

That brings us back to the grey area of brand flexibility vs. brand loyalty. In most cases Iíll switch if the deal is good enough. In a very few instances, I have to go with the family choice.

I can be brand flexible because many of the national brand products are very similar in quality. They may offer a few differences, but overall Iím happy with all my purchases. In the few cases where I am disappointed, I just donít buy that particular product again. In the case of family devotion over varied selection, it happens. Just pick up enough of your favorites on sale especially if itís a non-perishable item.

My final word, is brand flexibility wins out almost all of the time.