Learn More About what Coupon Queen for Android
Which handsets are compatible with Coupon Queen for Android?
1. Automatically locate the closest grocery stores
2. View sale items from dozens of stores
3. Create a grocery list and even add custom items
4. Sync Your List with Susan's Couponqueen.com website
How it Works:
1. Open the application and use the auto locate feature or enter a zip code to find stores in a new location
2. Choose your favorite store and pick a product category i.e. Dairy, Meat, etc.
4. Add or remove items from your list or see more detailed information about a particular product by clicking on the image or    description
5. Access your grocery list, change quantities or add non-sale items
6. Shop and update your list as you put the products into your cart
7. Use the check mark after purchasing an item or the X to completely remove the product from your list
8. Sync your list by creating or logging into your Couponqueen.com account
  • How does the Coupon Queen application work?
  • How can I access my grocery list after saving items?
  • How can I see more details about the product I am interested in?
  • How often are the sale items updated?
  • Why don't I see my local store?
  • Why are there no products available in my favorite store?
  • How can I sync my Android with the CouponQueen.com website?
  • How do I search stores at other locations?
  • What is the check mark used for on the shopping list?
  • How do I add an item that is not on sale to my grocery list?
  • How do I save items to a list?
  • Where can I find my saved items?
  • How do I manage my list?